Gabriele Bertossi


SomethingGiven Ensemble is the first project I am curating as a bandleader. The main idea behind this ensemble is to create an experience that sounds like an improvised on the road journey, a journey that is in continuous movement between improvisation and composition, stillness and multidimensionality, pleasure and confrontation.


Each track on this album is accompanied by one artwork and a poem so that this journey remains not only in the ears but also in the eyes and in the minds.


The music I compose for this project is inspired both by the multi-faceted world of Black American music and contemporary and avant-garde classical music.




Gabriele Bertossi: electric bass and compositions

Austeja Zvirblyte: vocals

Gabija Bartulyte: alto saxophone and clarinet

Eduardo Doreste Velazquez: alto and soprano saxophone

Sasha Lattuca: piano and keyboards

Stanimir Lambov: electric guitar and effects

Faolan Collins: drums


recording, mixing and mastering: Fabian van der Dussen

artworks and poetry: Gabriele Bertossi





On the 7th of April 2022, SomethingGiven Ensemble's debut album "Linee Prime", will be released on Bandcamp.